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Dora Kwong

Clinical Professor

Department of Clinical Oncology

School of Clinical Medicine, LKS Faculty of Medicine
The University of Hong Kong

Professor Dora Kwong is currently Clinical Professor in Department of Clinical Oncology, the University of Hong Kong. Her research interests include head and neck cancer with an emphasis on nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC), gastrointestinal and paediatric cancers. She is involved in multiciplinary management employing both medical treatment and radiotherapy. 

Through conducting clinical trials, she pioneered the use and proved the efficacy of concurrent chemoradiotherapy and intensity modulated radiotherapy in head and neck which has now been adopted as the standard of care. Her recent research has shifted to novel treatment such as immunotherapy. She has completed a Phase 1 study using T cell therapy for recurrent nasopharyngeal and there are ongoing clinical trials testing the efficacy of combination treatment like combining chemotherapy or radiotherapy with immunotherapy. She is also interested in basic research in carcinogenesis and translational research in identifying prognostic and predictor biomarkers.
Professor Kwong also has a long standing interest in studying radiation complications like hearing loss, temporal lobe necrosis and xerostomia after radiotherapy and the ways to reduce such complications. We study advanced radiotherapy techniques like intensity modulated radiotherapy, adaptive radiotherapy and stereotactic body radiotherapy and promote their use of in clinical practice.

Professor Kwong is a recognised expert in her field of research and has been invited to speak in international meetings and author book chapters.

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