Eisuke Fukuma

Breast Surgery

Kameda Medical Center, Japan

Dr Eisuke Fukuma MD, PhD, graduated from Iwate medical University in 1979. He did his resident training programme in general surgery at St Luke's Hospital in Tokyo for 6 years.


From 1985 to 2000, he worked under Professor Tatsuo Yamakawa, who is well known in the field of laparoscopic surgery in Asia.


Dr Fukuma has been working on the development of endoscopic breast surgery (EBS) since 1995. This was the first clinical attempt in the world. He was one of the editors of a textbook on EBS published in Japanese in 2002.


Dr Fukuma moved to Kameda Medical Center as a director of breast surgery in 2000 and has taken on responsibility as a chairperson of the breast centre.


Nonsurgical cryoablation for minimal breast cancer has been clinically tried at Kameda Medical Center since 2006 as part of the clinical research programme. The purpose of nonsurgical cryoablation is to achieve the same local control rate as breast conservative surgery.