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Tuynman, Jurriaan - photo.png

Jurriaan Tuynman

Professor, Oncological Colorectal Surgery
Amsterdam UMC

Professor Jurriaan Tuynman, M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Oncological Colorectal Surgery, is a colorectal surgeon at Amsterdam UMC since 2013. His priorities are optimizing the treatment of colorectal carcinoma and in particular early rectal
cancer, advanced and recurrent rectal cancer and peritoneal metastases. He has been chairman of the colorectal carcinoma patient research group since 2014 and in this position he is committed to transmural care pathways within the region. The regional network that has been formed is an important basis for top care, research and education. He is principal investigator of several large international studies (COLOR3, TESAR, RIGHT and OLIPEC trial) and has supervised many PhD.
He teaches assistants in training not only at national level for laparoscopic colon surgery, but also at an international level for minimally invasive rectal surgery.

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