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Liu, Rico - photo.bmp

Rico Liu

Associate Director

Comprehensive Oncology Centre

Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital

Dr. Liu received his medical degree at University of Sydney. After training in palliative medicine in Sydney, Australia, he obtained qualification in oncology and sub-specialization in Palliative Medicine in Hong Kong. Dr. Liu worked in Queen Mary Hospital where he participated in multiple trials on gastrointestinal cancer. Dr. Liu also introduced the service of internal radiation for lymphomas and selected internal irradiation for liver cancers in QMH. In the area of palliative medicine, he has been instrumental in expanding services to acute oncology management and was the team leader of a comprehensive palliative care center when he worked in Queen Mary Hospital.

Dr. Liu is currently in private practice, he treats a wide range of cancers, including gastrointestinal cancer, hepatocellular cancer, cholangiocarcinoma, lung and breast cancer utilizing conventional and advance technology. He is qualified to use the newly installed Proton facility in Hong Kong after completing training by Mayo Arizona Proton team.  

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