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Kong, Seong-Ho - photo.jpg

Seong-Ho Kong

Department of Surgery
Seoul National University Hospital


Professor Kong is a Professor in the Department of Surgery at Seoul National University Hospital in Seoul, Korea, and the CEO of VITCAL, Co., Ltd. He earned his medical degree from Seoul National University and specialized in gastrointestinal surgery. He obtained his Ph.D. from Seoul National University in 2013.

He is an expert in gastrointestinal surgery, with a primary focus on gastric cancer surgery, but he also covers procedures such as bariatric and metabolic surgery, anti-reflux surgery, and hernia surgery. His research interests include surgical innovations such as image-guided surgery, fluorescence-guided surgery, and robotic surgery. He is also involved in clinical trials exploring various surgical techniques, instruments, as well as biomarkers and immunotherapy for gastric cancer. From 2014 to 2016, he visited IRCAD/IHU Strasbourg and conducted research on surgical innovation.

He is the author of more than 180 peer-reviewed articles and serves as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Gastric Cancer. Since 2021, he has directed the Textbook Compilation Committee and led the Task Force Team for the update of the Korean Practice Guidelines for Gastric Cancer in 2022. He also serves as the Chairman of the Korean study group for fluorescence-guided surgery. In 2022, he launched a venture company, VITCAL, which specializes in the development of a next-generation laparoscopic imaging system.

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