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Leung, Wai-Tong Thomas - photo.jpg

Thomas Leung

Honorary Consultant in Medical Oncology
Comprehensive Oncology Centre
Department of Medicine
Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital

Dr Leung is currently Honorary Consultant in Medical Oncology, Director of the Clinical Trial Centre, at the Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital. He is also Honorary Associate Professor of the Department of Medicine in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He was previously Professor in the Department of Clinical Oncology of Chinese University of Hong Kong until 2003 when he assumed the current position.

Dr Leung has over 160 publications in peer-reviewed journals and 9 book chapters mainly on hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), with a special focus on the management strategy in patients with advanced HCC and in the Asian population. Dr Leung also participated in various international consensus panels and gave recommendation on the use of systemic treatment, as well as the use Y-90 microspheres for radioembolization. His research interests are non surgical treatment for advanced HCC.

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